Case study personalize your management development

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Case study personalize your management development

Case study personalize your management development

By Honor Whiteman It is no secret that as we age, our brain function declines. However, studies have suggested that keeping mentally active - particularly when older - can help to maintain cognitive functioning.

Brain training apps are considered a useful aid for mental stimulation, but which one is right for you? We present our pick of five of the best brain training apps around. Research has suggested that brain training may be beneficial for cognitive functioning.


Brain training is based on the premise that mental stimulation can improve neuroplasticity. This is the brain's ability to form and reorganize connections between brain cells in response to new tasks.

While some studies have failed to find a link between brain training and improved cognitive functioning, other research has found the opposite.

A study published in PLOS One infor example, found that young adults who engaged in brain training games demonstrated improvements in brain processing speed, working memory, and executive functions.

It is not only young adults who might benefit from brain training. Research presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference found that older adults who took part in ten 1-hour brain training sessions over a 5-week period were 48 percent less likely to develop cognitive decline or dementia over 10 years.

Such studies have fueled the development of hundreds of brain training apps, many of which claim to improve cognitive functions such as learning, memory, and concentration.

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With so many to choose from, however, how do you know which one is best for you? Medical News Today have tried and tested five of the best brain training apps available to help you make an informed decision. Colorful and fun Considered by many as the "original" brain training app, Lumosity is used by more than 85 million people across the globe.

The app consists of more than 50 colorful and fun minigames designed to train five cognitive functions: Lumosity's games have been created with the help of more than researchers from around the world. Furthermore, their website cites a study of more than 4, adults that found that brain training with Lumosity improved cognition more than crosswords.

Lumosity has more than 85 million users worldwide. Lumosity With this in mind, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to try the app for ourselves.

At sign-up, you are required to complete a "fit test," which calibrates your speed, attention, and memory through three separate games. Once the games are complete, users are shown how their results compare with those of other users in the same age group.

This provides insight into the areas of cognition that require the most attention. Each day going forward, Lumosity sends a reminder to complete a brain "workout. One game we enjoyed was Train of Thought, which focuses on attention. In this game, the user must change the direction of train tracks, with the aim of guiding different colored trains to the correct home.

We found that this game really challenged our concentration - although it could be frustrating at times. Luminosity is an app that could easily appeal to both children and adults. Many of the games - such as Highway Hazards, a driving game that involves moving left or right to avoid road hazards - have a child-like appeal.

Boosting 'productivity, earning power, and self-confidence' While Elevate has fewer users than Lumosity, at 10 million downloads worldwide, it holds the title of iPhone's best app of the year for So what makes it stand out?

The app consists of more than 40 minigames designed to boost math and speaking skills, as well as improve memory, attention, and processing speed. Elevate consists of more than 40 minigames designed to boost a variety of cognitive skills. Elevate According to the app's creators, "the more you train with Elevate, the more you'll improve critical cognitive skills that are designed to boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence.

Elevate has more of an adult feel than many of the other brain training apps; the minigames take a more serious approach, focusing less on colorful illustrations and more on text. Each game also comes with a brief description of its goal, such as "stop mixing up commonly confused words" and "improve your reading comprehension.

Elevate provides a daily, weekly, and monthly rundown of overall performance, as well as performance in five specific areas:Most organizations struggle with leadership development. They promote their top performers into management roles, put them through a few workshops and seminars, and then throw them to the wolves.

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Five of the best apps to train your brain