Email marketing segmentation case study

You are in any business, you would want to spend minimum and save maximum.

Email marketing segmentation case study

When you become a trusted advisor to your prospects, how can you deliver the most relevant content for them?

Email marketing segmentation case study

TechnologyAdvice, a consultative service with a goal of helping businesses find the best technology solutions for their needs, appeals to a wide range of customers in different verticals.

Sending targeted content for specific industries, solutions and other customer factors would be an overwhelming task for any team to manually handle. Learn how the brand turned to marketing automation to set up various segments and created content to appeal to each buyer and their location in the sales journey.

On one side of the business, TechnologyAdvice provides consultative service where buyers of business technology are seeking a new technology solution and want to find the best option for their needs.

TechnologyAdvice also caters to the vendors selling its technology, helping them market products to their target audience. In marketing to consumers of business technology solutions, Schneider explained that targeting is based on what industry a lead is in and what types of software they are looking for.

The focus would be decision makers in the workplace. For example, if a prospect is looking for a CRM solution, they would typically be targeting a sales manager or director.

For a marketing automation solution, TechnologyAdvice would be targeting directors of marketing or even an email marketing manager. With a wide range of advice on many different types of technology solutions, TechnologyAdvice must address leads operating across many verticals.

However, with an increase in the interest in what services TechnologyAdvice offered, the advisors found it difficult to keep up with the volume. We were at a point where we were getting so many of these requests that it was a little too much for them to handle on a daily basis," Schneider said.

Therefore, the team needs to address leads wherever they are with content relevant to their needs. You can imagine every single one of these people is going to be a completely different level of qualification," he explained.

We decided there is definitely an opportunity to automate a lot of this follow-up," Schneider said. It would make more sense to send prospects more content and information, walking them through the process from the early stages to a Sales-qualified lead.

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Implementing marketing automation would take the heavily lifting off the advisors who were manually reaching out and provide prospects with more relevant information during the research phase of purchasing business technology.

Choose a solution and gain buy-in Finding a marketing automation provider that would have capabilities to perform drip campaigns to nurture prospects was key. TechnologyAdvice already had some tools in place for SEO, analytics and other areas, but with a new automation technology, the team was hoping to consolidate some of those tools down to a single solution.

Email marketing segmentation case study

Schneider needed to gain buy-in to start leveraging a marketing automation platform. With a person company, marketing automation is a large expense and investment, so he needed to leverage how this solution would be a profitable option for the company.

Schneider explained how a new marketing automation provider would eliminate three other software providers the team was already using by having those tools already built into a new platform.Marketo’s email marketing research team recently looked at hundreds of email sends to examine the relationship between the amount of segmentation used and the level of engagement.

In the chart. Email marketing is isn’t a channel – it’s one layer of a customer-centric company. This case study reveals how complex (and truly valuable) it is to use email to grow a business. Building a Newsletter Welcome Series from Scratch. Email Marketing Case Studies VerticalResponse Powers Real Estate CRM Platform booj is a Colorado-based company specializing in Web design and complex development.

Before implementing automation and email segmentation, Schneider saw open rates around 20%, while clickthrough was at 2%. TechnologyAdvice was one of our media partners at the recent MarketingSherpa Email Summit in Las Vegas.

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